"It seems to me that the preferred human experience is centered around

Beauty and Order.

I strive to lure the spectator away from the turbulence of their daily circumstance with visual representations of beauty and order so that they might find respite in a hidden narrative that can only be experienced in the hush of their  emotional response."


                      About Ed Caldie:

He taught himself to play multiple musical instruments and enjoyed an early career as an entertainer.  His captivation with nature led him on numerous adventures into the Canadian wilderness and he's owned and operated several upscale restaurants in the Midwest.

After a 25 year career as an architectural designer, a traffic accident forced Caldie toward an early retirement. It required multiple surgeries to remedy the partial loss of his vision, after which he devoted himself to the mastery of a life-long fascination with the fine arts.  In recent years, he has spent considerable time traversing the globe to gather knowledge and impressions for his artistic pursuits. 

This self directed artist now emerges with an extraordinary ability to create captivating images that seldom fail to entice the viewer to linger.